School Safe - Photo Identification Initiative For Schools

If a stranger, unconnected with the school, were discovered wandering around the grounds or buildings, staff would probably be concerned as to the person's reasons for being there.

However, if as a result of the frequent numbers of people coming and going, no one realised that this person was not authorised to be in the school, he or she might well be allowed to continue!Would any member of staff be aware that this person was not entitled to be there? Schools are and should be open and friendly learning environments for our children but to remain safe they should have a method of easily identifying whether adults are legitimately on the premises. One solution is to introduce photo ID cards for all connected with the school, including volunteers, regular visitors and any non-uniformed students, alongside a ‘High Visibility’ Visitor pass for the infrequent visitor or guest to the establishment.
For more information on this subject, visit The Department of Education website and also the Association of Chief Police officers website.

Schoolsafe (Hi-Visability) Visitor Card Packages are competitively priced at £4.99 each (including delivery). each Package contains i. Card ii. Card Holder iii. Safety 'Breakaway' Lanyard.

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